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rafting in rishikesh
Saurabh Tiwari - Genpact Gurgaon - Chirmir, Chirmir, Dhoom, Dhadaka Hoo.. Haa.. Hoo.. Haa..
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Rishikesh  My love for this place grows stronger, with every next visit. The turquoise green Ganges without even letting you know cleans your body, mind & soul. I feel blessed with peace afterevery dip inThe Ganges.

"Hrishikesh" is a name of Vishnu that means 'lord of the senses'. Rishikesh, a holy city for Hindus is located in the foothills of the Himalaya in northern India. The place gets its name after Lord Vishnu who appeared to 'Raibhya Rishi', as a result of his tapasya (austerities), as Lord Rishikesh.
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This time the occasion was a self financed offsite with 22 of my colleagues. We were to leave to Rishikesh in a 27 seater AC bus at 11:00 PM from the office. After the busy schedule of the week and busy hours of the day we finally left from office by 11:15 PM. Without wasting much of time, we quickly introduced each other.

High on spirits people eagerly waited to get high on spirits. Slowly the spirits started to flow. As the influence of the spirits grew, the environment within the bus grew entertaining. The slow conversations transformed to songs and then to a Antakshari.
One group was good on latest numbers while the other had a good stock of Hindi classics. The game continued till late hours of the night, which only stopped with a halt on a road side Dhaba for a tea.

When we started again post the late night sweet tea, the game switched to Dumb Charades from Antakshari. While playing some of the people dozed off due to the tiring day they had in the office. We continued with the game for a couple of hours and tried to take a small nap, so that we could be fresh for activities when we reach the camp.

We all got wide awake once the bus started taking steep & sharp turns post the barrage on the Neelkanth road. After an hour of swinging in the hills we finally reached the Camp. The camp was besides a small, beautiful stream with Knee deep water. We quickly refreshed ourselves to munch in our breakfast. This camp is by far one of the best camps I have been ever to. What makes this camp unique is the ability to provide clean linens coupled with fixed toilet facilities with geyser and running water.

We used the time between the washing up and the breakfast to try our hands on a game of volleyball. I won't deny that we had some good players in the group. We played quite a standard game. After feasting on the tasty paranthas and butter toast with some fine tea we left for rafting.

We had picked the rafting stretch from Shivpuri to Rishikesh (16 kms). Once we were geared with the Red/ Yellow Life Jackets and the safety Helmets, we circled the rafting guide for the basic tips. The tips instead of making us feel safer, scared us more. But we had to do it. We got into the rafts wishing all would be safe when we get off at Rishikesh.
The guide helped us with some practice of commands & rowing, before starting the actual Rafting.

Travel Tales Travel Tales Travel Tales

"Ganga Maiya Ki Jai" and we were in the downstream of The Ganges to test ourselves in the rapids. We were to row through 5 rapids. First few minutes were a smooth rowing. But the fun started soon with the first rapid Return to centre. We rowed through it very easily. After easy rowing for some more minutes we were prepared by our guide for the Roller Coster. This was good enough to give us an adrenaline rush. The feeling of the waves of the rapid all over us was a moment enough to give us a high. The feeling was a mix of fear, fun, adventure and achievement. With every rapid our confidence grew. We even rowed through the Tee Off  and the toughest of them all Golf Course. Our confidence had already grown to over confidence post crossing the Golf Course. Our raft captain said that please don't hit on head incase anyone fells in the rapid. Seconds later we were in Double Trouble, and our captain was out of the raft, in the rapid. I still remember the fear on his face. We quickly pulled back the captain into the raft. Once in the raft he was back to normal again. After some rapids and some swimming and cliff jumping we had a great sense of achievement in us. The 16 km rafting had been a very good teacher especially of patience and team strength. It still echoes in my ear: Chirmir, Chirmir.., Dhoom, Dhadaka, Hoo.. Haa.. Hoo.. Haa..
Post lunch and rest for a couple of hours at the camp by the stream, we slowly geared up for the night. The fun started with the Bonfire. We poured our drinks and sipped enjoying every bit of it. The fun multiplied with the strums of the Guitar. The ambience was fantastic. Bonfire., Drinks. and the Guitar. After singing for an hour we started to shake legs. This was the time when we were again on a high. We danced till late night under the starry sky.

The next morning, after breakfast we started our hike to the waterfall. After hiking for about 2 hours by the stream, through the mountain villages we reached to the waterfall. It was beautiful. The best part of it was we could get into the waterfall. The very next moment we were all into the waterfall. The water falling high from the hills gave a fantastic massage. Half an hour in the fall was enough to pull out all the pain from our bodies. The aqua massage was a great experience. After it we hiked back to the camp for some tea.

Finally it was time to say our farewells to the mountains, the rivers, and the fresh air. We started our journey back to Gurgaon. We had to be back to the city to earn our next holiday. 

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