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About Us:

RoofNRide was established in 2009 and in less than two years the company has made a reputation with various schools & Colleges. The company has completely focused on organizing almost flawless educational tours, adventure tours, teacher’s picnic, village tours and camping. Our team provides a chance to the students to enhance their hidden potential. The programs are aimed at boosting student's self-confidence, self belief and preparing them to meet challenges through a varied curriculum of fun, games and activities.

We organize innovative programs to work on behavioral aspects and to enhance the capabilities of children. We take them to heritage site visits and terrains with hard as well as mild trekking schedules. Our programs include more than one activity and provide wide range to the students to make the trips educational in real sense without bringing down the fun element.

The camping programs offers activities like rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, rope courses, crafts, educational workshops and debates, We have a team of trained professionals, staff and counselors, under whose watchful eyes the children perform all the activities. They also provide personal support and mentoring to students by modeling positive, responsible behavior.

We provide you fully qualified and professional Trainers and equipment to ensure a comfortable Outdoor Educational experience. We have a committed staff with a broad range of qualification and experience in Outdoor Education. Make us the natural choice for planning and facilitating your school's adventure camping, educational tour, holiday trip or any kind of tour experience and we will do the rest for you.

A "Whole person" is a responsible citizen with well-developed attitude traits such as "determination", "commitment", "initiative" and "empathy". These traits help individuals transcend cultural, educational and social-economic barriers to learn more about themselves, others and
the world they live in.
Outdoors bestow individuals an excellent opportunity to develop ability in themselves which one would need in life to lead on all frontiers. Present program is themed to provide kids some of these “NEW FRONTIERS” and develop skills by means of experiencing and exploring to handle situations smartly in times to come. During the school camping and outdoor education programs our team professionals aim:-
  • To boost student's self-confidence and self belief
  • To nurture child's identity and personality
  • To develop social skills and sense of camaraderie
  • To inculcate mental strength and moral values among children
  • To develop a sense of excitement and urge to live life to the fullest
  • To induce sense of responsibility for themselves and others by using their time constructively and participating in camp duties that benefits the whole school camp community.
  • To encourage students to explore and engage in stimulating activity in the outdoors that fosters an enjoyment of learning and an appreciation of the natural world.
  • To develop students self esteem by encouraging individuals to overcome personal and group challenges that have positive learning outcomes.
  • To develop the Team Building & Team Coordination spirit
  • To provide an opportunities for leadership and personal growth.
Educational Tours

We have been providing educational tours and packages for school and college students of Asia. We ensure high security norms and tailor make our packages and educational tours depending on the purpose of the tour. Managing such tours and packages is quite challenging but through our persistent efforts, we have been able to dictate it in such a manner that the area of educational tours and packages in India has become one of our specialised services.

These educational tour packages focus on the local culture, historical background and geographical knowledge with an understanding of flora & fauna of that area.Special emphasis is placed on security, food and accommodation with absolutely hygienic conditions maintained at various category hotels from One Star to Five Star Deluxe Hotels & Campsites, depending upon the budget and requirement of the group. 

Outdoor Learning Classroom (Within School Premises)

Learning takes place within a web of social relationships as teachers and pupils interact both formally and informally. Schools are institutional spaces for communities of learners, including both students and teachers. Play and learn with one’s friends on the school grounds, free time to sit on the benches and chat with one’s friends during breaks, gathering together for morning assembly and other festive and significant occasions in the school. We conduct outdoor learning classroom within school premises. Activities like: River crossing, Rappelling, Zorbing, Rockwall Climbing, Camp Games, Commando Net, Tug of War, Tarzan Swing, Double Rope Bridge, Knot Maze, Tent Pitching etc.

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